Monday, March 19, 2012


I am completely inconsiderate and should apologize because I was unable to pick you up after you worked four hours because I was taking one of your siblings to a doctor's appointment.

I obviously should have turned around and ignored the appointment so you wouldn't have to wait, or call a friend to give you a ride, or walk home.

Or I should just let you drive the car again even though you just caused another accident-- until you finally total the car or until you actually hurt someone, including possibly yourself.

Oh, and I should be grateful that you have found a ride to the tanning salon, which I told you will lead to skin damage and possibly skin cancer, which runs in our family. And how did you pay for the tanning salon? With YOUR OWN MONEY from your job that I just viciously refused to pick you up from.

Hi. I'm the world's worst mother. How are you?

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